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Dancer, Tower Cut 65x30x30mm, (Total height on Rosewood Base 120mm)
Product Code: 810951B
Crystal Dancer
Column Award Trophy (Height: 150mm)
Product Code: TZ2520
Column Award
Classic Jade Glass Rectangle (Height: 190mm)
Product Code: JBG1308
Jade Glass Rectangle ONE ONLY
Classic Jade Glass Pyramid (Height: 230mm)
Product Code: JC3123B
Jade Glass Pyramid ONE ONLY
Classic Jade Glass Pyramid (Height: 250mm)
Product Code: JC3123C
Jade Glass Pyramid ONE ONLY
Clear Acrylic (on black base)
Product Code: TC-AC186
15mm thick - 1 size left 160mm
Glass Art, Blue Dome
Product Code: TC-GW902
on Timber Base with Chrome Trim (in plain box), 155mm
Glass Vase
Product Code: GV295
Glass Vase in Presentation Case (300mm)
Acrylic Arrow Head
Product Code: TC-AC60
30mm thick - comes in 3 different sizes (refer price dropdown menu)
Acrylic Prism
Product Code: TC-AC62
30mm thick -1 size left 160mm
Acrylic 24mm Thick
Product Code: TC-AC193
Comes in 2 different sizes (refer price dropdown menu) and 2 colours. We only have 1 of each size and colour.
V Jade Glass, silver metal trim.
Product Code: INT-TR3510
V Jade Glass - comes in 2 different sizes (refer price drop-down menu) ONLY ONE OF EACH SIZE LEFT
Acrylic Tablet 25mm thick
Product Code: TC-AC175
Acrylic Tablet - 150mm x 175mm
ONLY 1 left in stock
Blue Crystal Award (ON SALE)
Product Code: TC-CY187
Crystal, 250mm high and 220mm wide.
One left in stock ONLY. Normal price $270.00
Sale price $150.00
*SALE* Tower Flame, One left in Stock
Product Code: TC-YJ147
Crystal Tower Flame
Golf Crystal Flag
Product Code: TC-CC555
Golf Crystal Flag - 1 size only. 185mm
1 left in stock.
Golf Putting Set (1 left in stock ONLY)
Product Code: TC-GLF01
Golf Putting Set