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*NEW* Spear Series (12 sports to choose from)
Product Code: TC-X8004
Plastic Trophy , comes in 3 different sizes (refer price dropdown menu)
Martial Arts Lynx
Product Code: TC-X7391
4 different heights (refer to price dropdown menu)
Medal Martial Arts (70mm)
Product Code: TC-MQ923
Trophy (interchangeable figurine for many sports)
Product Code: TC-X8185
3 different heights and 4 colours (refer to price dropdown menu)
Medal (70mm) Gold, Silver or Bronze. Choose your Sport.
Product Code: TC-MZ970
Gold, Silver or Bronze. Prestige (Heavy)
Water Bottle, 740ml and 500ml
Product Code: LWB001
Water Bottle, comes in 5 colours and 2 sizes.